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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


i'm inspired.
so, let me tell you girls and fella's.
a little bit more about T E A.
M E.
totally vegetarian.
hippie kind of kid.
fashion student.
pretty much a dork.
i like toast.
&going for walks.
i watch pcd video's
to inspire me to go to the gym.
F A T B A S T A R D.
expect a whole lot of posts coming your way.


ch▲r said...

:O you're vegetarian, that's unbelievably cool! i love your blog, by the way... the name and the pictures are just lovely :)
and yes, i'd love ro have you as a penpal! i sent you a message, hope you go it x

ch▲r said...

OH NO, did you get my message yet?? if not, you can email me at girlrevolution@aapt.net.au :)