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Thursday, July 15, 2010


my flatmate & i took this photo the other day.
& i just have to share it with you guys.
because i think it's AWESOME. (:so, fred astaire really has nothing to do with this post, & neither does his hair. it just rhymes with his last name. (: so, really i was thinking perhaps it is time for a change of hairstyle.
i have the shaved bit on the side & i was thinking about getting a perm & perhaps some hair extensions?
Also, if i planned on dying my hair what would you ladies & lads suggest?
i'm thinking perhaps a red colour?
your help PLEASE. (;

Saturday, July 10, 2010


oh, my poor poor blog has been seriously neglected. a nice holiday at home for three weeks and fashion goes on hold, let me tell you, i did very little shopping, which is probably a good thing. mind you, i'm not really bothered about whats good for me. i spent a good amount of time... ahh, watching television and sleeping in till midday, whoops. (; my lovely cousin Amy Gardner came around for a few nights and we went a bit photo crazy. so here's what went down my friends. (;

very happy to be back at stan. (;
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