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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


low back maxi dress with plaited straps.

(you can order these if you like, in any desired colour or print of fabric.)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Dear Tea,
you're pretty much a loser.
& i don't care about you anymore.
from, Boy.

Dear Boy,
thanks for letting me know.
this is going to take all my will power.
but, goodbye.
still, Love Tea.

SINGLETS - Glassons, Jeanswest. SKIRT - Jayjays. JACKET - Cotton On.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


so sad, so true.
lets go to the pretty places
& forget about these
stupid plays.
GREY VEST: valleygirl PLAIN TEE: valley girl BELT: adrianna's SKIRT: adrianna's

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


lets just say this top is the subject of Pascale Baker's mockery
quite often. unfortunate however, because well, i love it.
my aunty gave it to me & while i will agree that it is
a bit "momish" it's sparkly & god damit, i'm going to wear it okay !
so, top -gifted. leggings - SUPRE.


i bought this lovely lace & tule dress for $20 from dotti the other day.
&the AMAZING vest belongs to my neighbor Jen.
along with the cross necklace.
i felt like channeling a gothic vibe through my outfit choice today.
S U C C E S S !


well, that calls for your sweetest jumper & jeans ensemble.
(or, if you are anything like me you'll just roam
around the house in your dressing gown.)
& a nice cup of hot hot milo. (;

JUMPER- just jeans (from Adrianna's wardrobe. )
oh, the joys of flatmates.


i'm inspired.
so, let me tell you girls and fella's.
a little bit more about T E A.
M E.
totally vegetarian.
hippie kind of kid.
fashion student.
pretty much a dork.
i like toast.
&going for walks.
i watch pcd video's
to inspire me to go to the gym.
F A T B A S T A R D.
expect a whole lot of posts coming your way.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


my flatmate & i took this photo the other day.
& i just have to share it with you guys.
because i think it's AWESOME. (:so, fred astaire really has nothing to do with this post, & neither does his hair. it just rhymes with his last name. (: so, really i was thinking perhaps it is time for a change of hairstyle.
i have the shaved bit on the side & i was thinking about getting a perm & perhaps some hair extensions?
Also, if i planned on dying my hair what would you ladies & lads suggest?
i'm thinking perhaps a red colour?
your help PLEASE. (;

Saturday, July 10, 2010


oh, my poor poor blog has been seriously neglected. a nice holiday at home for three weeks and fashion goes on hold, let me tell you, i did very little shopping, which is probably a good thing. mind you, i'm not really bothered about whats good for me. i spent a good amount of time... ahh, watching television and sleeping in till midday, whoops. (; my lovely cousin Amy Gardner came around for a few nights and we went a bit photo crazy. so here's what went down my friends. (;

very happy to be back at stan. (;
TeaWears:Grey Marle top: Witchery, Skirt: Valleygirl. Necklace:Gifted.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Quick stop at the op shop and found myself this ditty little pink blazer, It brightened up my day and my outfit. Let's just say it never hurt anyone to make room for a little colour in thier wardrobe. (;
Time for a give-a-away? you never know, keep checking back just in case. (;
Also- how about a room and wardrobe post? might just have to vlog that one for you guys.

Singlet-glassons, skirt- glassons, necklace- diva, blazer- opshop.
Thank you to all my new followers and the sweet comments. (;
Q:What have you bought today?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hello my homies, guess what... i got my awesome cape cardi/toile back from marking today. & i was in an i-really-need-new-clothes-mood so i made myself this dress aswell. (:
Here are the pictures Pascale took to show of my crafty-ness.

cape/cardigan - Tea & Mccika (made by me) Dress - Tea & Mccika (made by me)