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Sunday, May 30, 2010


a trip back to puke was seriously needed, and damn it did me
some good. fresh air, wind blowing in your face, green grass, NO PARTYING NEIGHBOURS!
--it was the shiz.
But lemme tell you, standing on top of the railing for the deck on a windy day is NOT a good idea at all --tried and tested, and of course, for the good of my blog.
enjoy. (;

Scarf-Glassons, Pink Jumper-OpShop, Black Skirt-PascalesWardrobe, Ankle boots-WildPair, Jeans-Cotton on, Shirt-Witcherey, Jacket-Cotton on.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Sneaked away home from uni for a little lunch break today, which totally turned into 2 hours.. I decided to get snap happy with my flatmate Adrianna Wilson, watch out, her vlogs are comming soon !
I headed to the kitchen and thought, hello blog !
So here are the pictures. (: enjoy.
Now, something new to Yaki-Tea. I hit the streets (mainly to shop) but to find some great street fashion !
My first suspect was Kristina. (: Second suspects, (Names Witheld)
Loving the hair and matching sunnies girls. (:
killer style.
I wore, Dress made by me, Champion Jumper - I cut up (been mums since forever), Belt - Glassons.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Oh my goodness, i hate ugg boots, Honestly they are part slipper, part gumboot.
obviously, plain ugly, and plain unrealistic, my feet get soaked if it's wet out !
However, they are nice and well, plain comfy too.
Not exactly a fan of the ugg, I was going to uni and planned on being
nice and cosy for the day.
Not the most fashionable item, but this is my outfit ladies and gents.

Jacket from the glittery store "a.k.a" Pagani. Scarf from readers digest. haha. top thrifted, Ugg's.... really, who cares?

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I'm at university and instead of bloggin' i should really be drafting some patterns for my streatwear assignment and sewing. Hence the procrastination part of the blog title.
However, for the past couple of days i have been lacking inspiration, I am in serious need to go somewhere beautiful! So, instead of going out to get this so called inspiration I needed, I decided, why not stay in and look at it... Online. (;

Sly Dog much?

So, the flatties and I have pretty much settled in to Stanely and there has been much talk of getting one of...

these ! Adorable yes?

my next hair... grow. i definately want it to turn out like this eventually.

Now for more photography and general cool cats that fill me with inspiration to be.. Fabulous.

loving the blue in Peaches' hair. (:

Alexa Chung because she's stunning. (:Love Chole's Shorts. Shall i make myself a pair?

Friday, May 21, 2010


well well well, I rose from my slumber happy to see it was a lovely sunshin-ey day outside. however, it was not at all warm! so miss Pascale Baker and i decided it would be best if we kept the windows closed, the curtains opened and played California Girls by Katy Perry and Snoop Dawggg full blast, while we planned a trip away to Fiji. let us pretend it's summer okay !
Here's what we came up with. (:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


As you can see in the picture below, I was taking out the trash.
Yes, don't be concerned, that is my normal take out the trash attire.
When, one flattie named Adrianna decided to take a quick snap.
followed by a few more with the microwave we just got for stanely.
As you can see, not much happens here with us.
So, excuse the microwave pictures.
And, enjoy my take out the trash outfit. (:

deer in headlights much ? (:


So, I'm only seventeen and, let me say i'm slightly a bit too
obsessed with Rob Lowe.
Everything about the way he looks, is still amazing to this day.
I'm thinking that just maybe, my love of him and the movies he's
acted in back in the eighties, has slightly translated itself into my stlye
and the way I dress?
I'm not sure. perhaps you can be the judge ?

Yum. (: