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Saturday, May 22, 2010


I'm at university and instead of bloggin' i should really be drafting some patterns for my streatwear assignment and sewing. Hence the procrastination part of the blog title.
However, for the past couple of days i have been lacking inspiration, I am in serious need to go somewhere beautiful! So, instead of going out to get this so called inspiration I needed, I decided, why not stay in and look at it... Online. (;

Sly Dog much?

So, the flatties and I have pretty much settled in to Stanely and there has been much talk of getting one of...

these ! Adorable yes?

my next hair... grow. i definately want it to turn out like this eventually.

Now for more photography and general cool cats that fill me with inspiration to be.. Fabulous.

loving the blue in Peaches' hair. (:

Alexa Chung because she's stunning. (:Love Chole's Shorts. Shall i make myself a pair?


NaMisU said...

oo i want a cat too :)

i have goldfishes :)

Chelsea Whipps said...

that kitten looks JUST like my cat, Nelson, when he was just a baby ! Cool blog !